Having the right picture to represent YOU when you are applying for a college BA or BFA program

is just as important as all the preparation you put into getting yourself ready for your college auditions.

A great 8x10 is your calling card and the first thing that a college will see.

Present yourself in the best way possible with a stunning HeadShot!

Sami IMG_7612
Sierra IMG_7251
Shane IMG_9916
McKenna IMG_2965
Camden HIMG_2786.jpg
Wylie Hi Res IMG_6056
Jenna IMG_5668
Shane IMG_2309
Isabella Horz IMG_4533
Jessie IMG_8371.jpg
Sami Lighter Name and BorderIMG_6024_edi
Chris IMG_0567.jpg
Maddie IMG_9561
Natalie IMG_8823
Kate IMG_9128.jpg
Jenna IMG_5946
Jordan IMG_0786.jpg
Sami IMG_7716
Sarah IMG_7119
Tyler 2 IMG_5422.jpg
Shane IMG_1797
Tyler IMG_7045.jpg
Jordan IMG_9376.jpg